A Collection of Projects
I have Worked On


A portfolio of selected websites I've worked on. Most of these are web projects for small businesses. I have also included a few hobby projects that I'm proud of!



Genltepaw is a online store that creates and sells functional and stylish products to address every day problems that dog owners may face.

Kingsway Wholesale


Kingsway wholesale is a wholesaler of medical equipment. I was responsible for building a barcode scanner that allowed users to search for products via a barcode scanner.

Kalpu Trade Concern


Kalpu trade concern is a one stop hardware store that offers a wide range of hardware products. I was responsible for designing and developing the online store.

Topclass Nepal


Topclass Nepal is a premium shoe brand that focuses on shoe technology. I was responsible for designing and developing their online store.

Wellness Med Supply Inc


Wellness Med Supply is a multi-brand store that focuses on pain management and physiotherapy supply products. I was responsible for building a shopify store for their brand.

Asri Jewelers


Asri is a high-end jewelry store based in nepal. I helped design and develop a woocommerce store for the business that showcased their jewelry products

Spaces Nepal


Spaces Nepal is a magazine that specializes on art, architecture and heritage. I was responsible for designing the website and building the wordpress backend.

Sunnyside Agency Landing Page

Company Website

A example agency website built using HTML & CSS Flexbox. Built as part of a frontendmentor challenge.

Dine – A Dining Experience

Company Website

Dine is a static home page built as part of a frontend mentor challenge. It is a two page website for a restaurant that showcases it's menus and allows user to book a table.