Hi, I’m Sanish Shrestha, a freelance shopify and Woocommerce developer.


I’ve always been passionate about building something of my own, working hard on it and watching it grow. I’ve always respected people who have built something of their own , and I find it genuinely happy when helping them grow and establish themselves. I love working on ideas, on refining them and turning them into reality.

I’m a developer by profession, based in kathmandu, Nepal. It’s a small country in the himalayas, in south east asia.

I have a degree in computer engineering and and my primary focus is e-commerce development. 

I specialize in Shopify theme and app development, as well as WordPress and WooCommerce development. Whether it’s building custom themes from scratch, creating bespoke apps or plugins tailored to your unique business needs, or providing comprehensive documentation for using said apps and themes, I’m equipped to handle it all.

I firmly believe in paying attention to every detail of a project, as it’s the little things that set us apart from the competition. Time is invaluable, and meeting deadlines is paramount for project success. Honesty, transparency, and consistent communication are the cornerstones of every successful business relationship, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding.

These three values form the core of my work ethos.

I’m eager to learn about your project and, more importantly, to understand how I can help you. Reach out to me today, and let’s schedule a brief introductory call to discuss how I can align with your project requirements.


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